Artist Statement

My artwork is inspired by the majestic beauty of sculpture, landscape, architecture, decorative art…and the glorious chandelier. It embodies harmony and balance through the usage and juxtaposition of various materials, photos, handmade papers, media and color. Each piece is carefully laid out and layered to provoke a sense of calm and serenity. My goal is to create art that transports the viewer into another world—a time of peace and pleasure. I find beauty in simple brushstrokes, gorgeous hues of imperial Byzantine mosaics, Asian calligraphy and rich textures. I like to incorporate photos of stunning sculptures, lush landscapes, magnificent architecture and exquisite design—anything that exudes, captures, sanctifies and exemplifies beauty, color, life, flow, sensitivity, dreams and love. What inspires my art above all is the delicacy, majesty, brilliance and sparkle of the chandelier.

About the Artist

Suzanne Lenz lives in Stratham, New Hampshire. She has worked for non-profit arts organizations and museums throughout her career, and has been inspired by a number of Asian artists and crafters as well as contemporary artists including Robert Rauschenberg, Joan Synder, Joan Mitchell, and Friedensreich Hundertwasser.